Alternative therapies and DoTerra

As a personal trainer beside leading the classes i also focus the recreation and health improving.

Regular exercise and healthy eating are often a major challenge in our daily lives beside many obligations, work and study. Therefore i made searches and I heartily recommend the following alternative therapies, essential oils, herbals and natural nutritional supplements.

DoTerra – The therapeutic essential oils that made from pure ingredients of plants can be used also externally and internally because of its pureness. DoTerra oils use are extremely many-sided, they are greatly supported our organization, their taking are easily solved, they are rapidly absorbed and their effect is directly perceptible. I suggest my article of essential oils for athletes for reading (Hungarian).

My DoTerra

NutrilitePhyto nutrients for replace macro and micro elements which are important for our organization’s proper operation, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, products of plant origin, sport drinks and nutritional supplements. The BodyKey product family are made specifically for athletes.

All Plant Protein Powder product shot – 2012

Products of the above companies can be tried and purchased by me and for using discount i am pleased to register you as a buyer.

Thai herbal ball massage – With steam heated herbal bags do light presses for the sore muscle, energy points. With rubbing and beating we dissolve the block of the energy path of the body. According the purpose of the treatment various compositions can be chosen from interior herbals. In the capillaries of the heated expanded skin the agent of the essential oils and herbals are easily absorbed which helps the gateway of the toxins from the body and it is good for breathing. Because of the treatment the pain reduces, the muscles and joints are relaxed, decreases the spirit tension and all of these – according to the traditional oriental medicine – influence the flow of the vitality. Suggested also for completion of face treatment.

This type of thai massage is suggested the additionally to sport activities or individually too. Appointment in advance.