Music and dance

Dancing is people’s natural movement. If we listen to good music, we start dancing instinctively to it. Dance is very good for releasing stress and tension and it corrects the mood. It improves the happiness hormones like any other sports and movements do. It turns us off from weekday moods. Anybody can find a suitable style to learn there are many forms available. We can choose from a number of dance schools if want to learn a dance seriously. The couple dance’s advantage may be that it helps to formed a good social life. The dance’s body shaping effect is popular too, it improves the condition, raises the fat burning while we have fun. It can form nice legs and slim waist.

The music also has a mood improving and relaxing effect. Depending on its style music calms down or activates. The passive or active music playing is very good too. Music is necessary also in gyms and aerobic classes for motivation. In music therapy it is also widely used for curing.*


Salsa at Orfeum

2020. március 20.

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