Nutrition and sport

For every people who are doing sports it is important to pay attention to nutrition, as a conscious diet and sport bring the best results. In the long term, development depends on nutrition. We need to make sure that we get food ingredients from reliable places, and buy with confidence from domestic producers. If we eat a sufficient amount of quality foods and keep the right nutrient balance for ours individual goals, our bodies get in a better condition and we can do our exercises with more enthusiasm. Your food and drink intake gives you energy!

Main nutrients:

  • carbohydrates: the main energy source for the body, plays an important role in brain function as well
  • proteins: the building blocks of the body, stimulate the growing, the regeneration and the health function of cells
  • fats: it contains the most amount of energy, determinates in the organization of tissues and the absorption in the fat-soluble vitamins.
  • minerals and vitamins: micro-nutrients, so a small portion is enough for the body, primarily we guarantee it with varied diet and natural vitamins

During sports fluid loss is higher so we need to replace it during and after the training. Water is not just to decrease thirst, but to cool the body. It prevents dehydration, keeps fluid between the joints, nutrient transport through the tissues, and keeps the blood density in an optimal state. Dietary fibre regulates metabolism and good bowel function.

2020. december 5.

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