Sparrowbag and functional equipments

We can move freely by functional equipments and train every muscle groups by them, depending on their kind. The varied exercises are giving diversity. It integrates well into the classical training program.

  • its most popular types: TRX, rubber band, fit ball, soft ball, rubber bands, kettlebells, core board, medicine ball, dumbbells, unstable pad, jump rope, wall bars, kinesis wall
  • it improves the flexibility and condition, increase the strength, good for the cardiovascular system, increase metabolism and help in rehabilitation, recommended for anybody independent of gender, age, weight and condition and could complement any other sport activity as an addition


This is one of the newest pieces of functional equipment. It is a sponge-shaped, strong, water-repellent material bag filled with sand. It moves unpredicatbly in the loosely filled bag by design. It stimulates the muscle groups also including those that are not trainable by a traditional methods. In personal training and aerobic classes it’s used in many exercises.


Sparrowbag training for FTC junior team in the goalkeeper camp

2021. január 20.

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