Training during the epidemic – don’t give up the joy of the sport!

Taking care of the immune system and to improve it is one of the most effective weapon to avoid the diseases caused by viruses. Beside the variable nutrition which included protein, fibres, minerals, fruits and vegetables it’s needed to tace care about the huge dosis of C and D vitamins.

Beside that don’t forget about the regulal sport! Many people have to work in home office which causes more sitting hours that is not good for the spine, the core muscles, it slows down the digestion – especially if we eat more sweets – it increase the unnecessary more kilos. In the current pandemic there is still a possibility to train at a pre-agreed time, online, outdoor, in your home or in a small rented room.

I suggested for all who:

  • still started to know how it works with a coach to get experience what your body is able for
  • don’t like the busy fitness centres but the online and outdoor training can be interest
  • has already worked with a personal trainer and don’t want to regress
  • search the diversity in everydays even in this small living space
  • alone is not feeled motivated and determined for the regular sport

Now you can cut the price of the fitness daily ticket!


I do online skype trainings and for it needs some basic functionals equipments: dumbbells, softball, rubberband, polifoam.

Currently i do outdoor trainings at Lake Feneketlen and Bikás Park, there is a running track and also a fitness park here which means more opportunities beside the equipments. I clean all of the equipments with antibacterial disinfectants.
Kopaszi-gát, Pillangó Park Zugló or the area of Rákospatak also can be an opportunity depends on discussing.
Moving in the fresh air helps the body’s oxygen supply he and nature gives good mood.

It can be possible to rent small fitness rooms with hourly price which means additional cost but these are full equipped similar to fitness centres.

Furthermore i suggest the natural essencial oils even for refreshing, healing or relaxing goals.
I look forward everyone for indivual or couple trainings with pleasure!
In case of pass buying you can have a discount with the couple training.

2021. március 19.

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