Personal training

Personal training is part of the recreational exercise program. Recreation should be a cultured form of spending free time and active resting. It’s purpose is to create good feelings and a harmonic lifestyle, to keep good health and increase fitness. Training improves your overall physical condition, the strength and flexibility of muscles, and improves your resting heart rate. Possible used fitness machines, functional tools and your own body weight.

The personal trainer is dedicated not only to improve the client’s body, but helps with lifestyle changing advices too assessing the client’s physical conditions and set goals. Gives meal advice, dietary supplements if necessary, advices on other exercises. Teaches the right implementation of movements and the right way to use machines and functional equipments. The trainer has detailed anatomical knowledge and is proficient in first aid.

The trainer always shows up at the scheduled training sessions, motivates the client, and takes them through the exercises. There is a choice for individual, dual or circuit trainings. It could be arranged in a gym, outdoors, online and at the clients home or at company offices.

Need to talk previously the date and location of training.

The training includes:  Condition survey  –   Making workout plan  –   Consultancy