Senior training (50+)

With regularly training we can correct the problems of ages, for example: knit joints, reduced muscle power and bone mass, unsteady balance. We care about the spine and joints by the special movements, improve the coordination, not overstrain.  This lesson is a good supplement to recreational movements, for example: hiking, swimming, cycling, tennis and yoga.

  • metabolism will faster
  • blood and lymph circulation are improving
  • sense of balance will better
  • muscles will be stronger and taut
  • stamina is improving
  • organism will regenerate
  • osteoporosis are preventable and the fracture injuries as well
  • good condition and the ideal weight are preserved

After warm-up is coming the easy-follow, mid-tempo gymnastic exercises. We train for every big group of muscles. We use many functional equipments, for example: fitball, step bench, weights and rubber band. The strengthening and cardio exercises are changing each other. At the end of the lesson we do stretching thoroughly and slowly. The music are inspiring during the class.

Attention! This is not physiotherapy, therefore who has a special or serious medical problems this training is not recommended!*

Jane Fonda training 50+