Online training

If someone is not able to go to the gym for some reason but not want to give up training i provide online workout via Skype: melodygirl89

Important basic equipments: polifoam, dumbbells, band – you can buy these things in every sports store for a cheap price. Instead of these if there any other functional equipments (for example fit ball, soft ball, step bench, flexi bar, leg weights, etc.) the workout can be more variable.

We train a lot with own body weight and also can do condition improving exercises. We can use the furnitures in the flat imaginatively (chair, the corner of bed). We finish the training with stretching.

I suggest this online possibility for those who still want to start to know more about the benefits with the training with a personal trainer.

For the online training we make an appointment in advance and discuss the hourly price. I give a bill about it.