Aerobic is a dynamic, musical form of group training. Its most significant impact is increasing  stamina. After warm up it includes intensive exercises for the whole body. The purpose can be fat burning, strengthening, body shaping or a combination of these. It depends on the applied style. During the movements the blood circulation will get faster, the exchange of oxygen will increase. The name comes from the ancient greek language: aero (air) + bios (life) = aerobics.

In my classes I prefer to combine traditional aerobics with interval training and we use functional equipments. Interval training uses specified cardio- and strengthening blocks changing one after the other with short breaks in between. I believe this is the most effective method of body shaping and can bring spectacular changes rather quickly.

Come to aerobic workout: there are many variety strong practice and good music!*

Aerobic In Sopron
Aerobic lesson on stage