Home workout Equipping home gym We choose the machines and equipments for the personal goals and individual ability. We compare the features of the different brands for the right decision. I teach their use.


  • primarily I give nutrition advice for exercise plans, we analyze and make a food intake proposal
  • i may set up menus only, for special needs: eg. Losing weight, stretching, weight keeping and development of nutritional balance

If the client is on other diet, the advancement may be more complex therefore the client may choose to make the exercises and method preferred. Should the client has any serious medical problems, he/she must ask an advice from his/her doctor (dietetican) before consulting me!

Dietary supplements:

  • determine the dietary needs
  • I propose dietary supplements which includes natural components


  • the creams may help in warm up, in muscle relaxation and regeneration
  • I recommend products which i know well and have experience with

Additional sports, wellness

  • those sports grant multilateral development and diversity
  • massage and other wellness services are useful for regeneration, relaxation and have anti-stress effects