Aqua fitness

Aqua fitness has become an integral part of the wellness lifestyle. It is a combination of basic gymnastic and physiotherapy exercises in the water. It is excellent for strengthening, rehabilitation, body shaping, relaxing and as an additional sport on its own. It is recommended for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. Because your body weight is lighter in the water, aqua fitness spares the joints, ligaments, bones, the spinal column. It is good for senior’s joints and improving blood circulation. It playfully helps children with water acclimation, and develops their coordination. We do the exercises with special water dumbbells with almost no risk of injury.

The location may be in a wellness club, swimming pool, beach, or hotel’s spa section. The exercises can be accompanied by music. We start the process with warm ups and end with stretching like in aerobic classes. In the health centers the activity usually is conducted without music for wellbeing and regeneration purposes after sport injuries or other illnesses.*