Making workout plan

After the condition survey I properly prepare a workout plan considering the client’s conditions, circumstances and goals.

The training  could be:

  • casual or methodical by the trainer
  • individual

The most specific goals:

  • strenghtening
  • losing weight
  • keep condition
  • prevention
  • increasing flexibility
  • complex transformation program

Workout plans by location:

  • at the gym for the fitness machines
  • outdoor training: exercises even for a group of people
  • for home use of functional equipments
  • outdoor training combined with running

The workout plan contains the warm up and stretching methods in addition to the exactly defined exercises. I demonstrate the right implementation of all the exercises and movements. Clients need to carefully observe these for effective development and to prevent injury.

The advantage of the conducted workout sessions is the permanent motivation, checking the physical and spiritual condition and the workout plan’s systematic correction by the trainer.

Clients that are training ontheir own need to meet the trainer periodically to check changes and amend the exercise plan accordingly. The connection with the personal trainer provides safety and inspiration. The workout plan contains nutrition instructions as well.